Lottery 49’s 7 Ball with William Hill

49’s 7 ball betting

Do you back yourself to defy odds of 50,000/1? Come and prove it by getting involved in some 49’s 7 ball betting.

There are 49 numbers included in every draw and seven of these will be released from the machine. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to pick up to five of them.

How 49’s 7 ball betting works

Two draws take place every day, one concludes in the early afternoon and is called the Lunchtime Draw, with the other called the Teatime Draw, occurring at approximately 6pm.

Your first task is to pick between one and five numbers for the upcoming draw. How you decide to choose them is up to you – feel free to opt for the birth dates of family members or just general lucky numbers.

If you’re struggling, there’s always the lucky dip to provide you with a set of numbers completely at random.

Next, decide on how many different lines you wish to place on the next draw, alongside how much you wish to stake on each of these lines.

Finally before placing your bets, mark off how many draws you want to play your set of numbers for – it could be only on the next draw or across all of the next eight draws over the following four days.

The Booster Ball

The difference between 49’s 6 ball betting and 49’s 7 ball betting is simply the Booster ball, which is basically a bonus number only included in the latter of the lottery games.

This means that with 49’s 7 ball betting, seven numbers emerge from the machine, rather than six, effectively giving you an improved chance of a win.

49’s 7 ball betting odds

Should you opt to play the maximum of five numbers, your odds on each featuring among the winning seven numbers is 50,000/1. How much you win will hinge on how much you opted to stake on the winning line.

For four successful numbers, the 49’s 7 ball odds are 5,000/1, it’s 350/1 for three numbers, 40/1 for two and 5/1 for selecting one number and seeing this among the winners.

The one thing worth remembering is that the maximum that is permitted to be won playing 49’s 7 ball betting is £1 million.