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Irish Lotto 6 Ball betting with William Hill

Drawn two nights a week, with three draws a night and five ways to win per line, the possibilities for weekly enrichment with Irish Lotto betting and the Irish Lotto 6 Ball game are manifold.

How to play Irish Lotto 6 Ball

Irish Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday in the Emerald Isle at 20:00 and there are three draws. The main draw, Plus 1 draw and Plus 2 draw are drawn one after the other.

To play Irish Lotto 6 Ball, you pick between one and five numbers per line, per draw and you can play multiple lines in each draw. Minimum main draw entry is £2, while it’s £1 to enter the Plus draws.

Six numbers and a bonus ball numbered 1-47 come out of the tombola (in Lotto 6 Ball only the six main numbers count) in each Irish draw and your task is to pick between one and five balls per line.

The important thing to remember with Irish Lotto 6 Ball is that whatever the amount of numbers you pick per line, they will all need to be drawn in the draw you’ve bet on for you to win.

Irish Lotto 6 ball winning odds

The reason you might want to risk picking more than one number in your Irish Lotto 6 Ball is that the potential payouts grow with each additional number you put up.

In Irish Lotto 6 Ball you get paid out at odds of 6/1 if you successfully nail one number, 55/1 for two, 610/1 for three, 8000/1 for four and a whopping 150,000/1 for a full five.

Where can I find Irish Lotto 6 ball results?

For full Irish Lotto results including both Irish Lotto 6 Ball and Irish Lotto 7 ball click here. []

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What is the difference between Irish Lotto 6 Ball and Irish Lotto 7 Ball?

There are two difference between the two games. In Irish Lotto 6 Ball the bonus ball doesn’t count towards your numbers, whereas it does in Irish Lotto 7 Ball.

As a result you get bigger odds if you successfully pick the correct numbers in Lotto 6 Ball, although they’re still pretty juicy in the alternative despite a better chance of finding your picks.