NY Lotto 6 ball betting with William Hill

Experience lottery betting Big Apple style with William Hill’s fixed odds on the New York Lottery – NY 6 Ball betting.

How to play NY Lotto 6 ball?

The New York Lottery is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday at 20:00 on the other side of the Atlantic, so that equates to a UK draw time of 00:00 on Thursday or Sunday mornings.

To play, you pick between one and five numbers per line and you need to match each and every number on that line in order to land one of our fixed odds NY Lotto 6 Ball payouts.

In NY Lotto 6 ball, you pick from numbers 1-59, with six numbers and a bonus ball drawn on each draw day over in the city that never sleeps.

NY Lotto 6 ball winning odds

With more balls in the tombola than the likes of the Irish Lotto (a 47-ball affair), the odds for matching your numbers in NY Lotto 6 ball go up too.

William Hill pays NY Lotto 6 ball players 7/1 for one matched ball, 85/1 for two, 1,250/1 for three numbers, four balls pays 17,000/1 and odds of 150,000/1 are on offer if you can land all five balls.

Where can I find NY Lotto 6 ball results?

Whether you can’t sleep for the excitement over the NY Lotto results or you’re checking them at a more reasonable hour this [LINK https://www.nylottery.org/] is the place to go.

What it the difference between NY Lotto 6 ball and NY Lotto 7 ball?

The differences between NY Lotto 6 ball and NY Lotto 7 ball are two-fold.

Firstly and most importantly, the six-ball game doesn’t count the bonus ball towards any potential matches on your lines, whereas the seven-ball version does.

This corresponds to higher odds for the NY Lotto 6 ball betting, which gives you one less chance to land a matching number than the seven-ball equivalent.