NY Lotto 7 ball betting with William Hill

The New York Lottery is regarded as the most profitable lottery across the entirety of the USA and luckily for you, you can get involved in NY Lotto 7 ball betting at William Hill.

Although it’s called NY Lotto 7 ball, this type of lottery unfortunately can’t be enjoyed seven days of the week. A midweek draw occurs each week on a Thursday and then there’s a weekend draw too on a Sunday.

How to place your NY Lotto 7 ball bets

In NY Lotto 7 ball betting, there is plenty of choice at your disposal.

Firstly, you have a choice from a collection of numbers between 1 and 59. Then you have to decide exactly how many numbers you want to choose, between one and five.

How you identify your numbers is up to you, whether it’s the age of family members, the street door numbers of best friends or by lucky dip.

To place your lines, simply select your numbers from the grid, fill in how much you wish to stake on each line and then pick how many draws you want to keep these numbers for.

Then all that’s left to do is press ‘Place Bet’.

NY Lotto 7 ball odds

With NY Lotto 7 ball, seven numbers are drawn. Six that make up the typical winners and then an additional bonus ball is spat out of the machine from the same pot.

Should you choose one number and this is among the winners, you’ll be paid at 6/1. This increases to 55/1 for two numbers, 600/1 for three numbers and 7,500/1 for four numbers.

If you manage to go that one stage further by picking five numbers that all feature among the winning seven numbers, the NY Lotto 7 ball odds are 75,000/1.

The payout is the same should your five numbers all feature in the main six numbers or if one of them is the bonus ball.